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Information Technology Road Map

Information systems and IT (information technology) have become essential for the implementation of the business activities in the companies and for Governance. Information systems that simply pursued streamlining have been developed into those that assume an important role as a vital element of the business itself. A typical example is the use of the internet for the electronic commerce.
The evolution of IT has been a major contributor to the popularization of information systems. For example, striking achievements have been made in developing faster and more compact computers as well as faster networks. In addition one of the recent features of IT is its remarkable diversification. Taking terminals as an example, a wide variety of devices are now being used such as mobile phones and IC (integrated circuit) cards and their readers as well as PCs. For home-based Internet access, an array options is available including CATV (cable TV), ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line), optical fiber networks, wireless links, etc.

Because a number of vendors are providing diverse types of similar products, the information system department of each company or Government must establish a policy of which products are to be applied by identifying the salient features of individual IT products.

ASCOSYS undertakes surveys and makes forecasts of the constantly evolving IT trends, and is preparing the “IT Road Map” based on these surveys and forecasts.

The “IT Road Map” forecasts the trends in technology development from now for approximately the next five years with respect to a specific IT field. If a new technology is expected to emerge that can replace the current technology in a specific field, the road map will articulate such timing. In particular, if emerging technology is expected to have a major impact on the business environment, proposals will be made on the concept of new business. The IT Road Map is designed to support companies in their study of when and what technology requires examination for its introduction.

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