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Data Entry and Correction

Data entry is the act of transcribing some form of data into another form. Usually handwritten documents, spreadsheets from another computer program, simple data like names and addresses or scanning documents. Some time data entry requires inputting data in a particular manner (developing software for the entry purpose) for converting the data can be converted automatically in to information or cross checking the data entered and also to convert information into different sections.

This work is exhausting and even challenging to the body. For any person who types all day, paying attention to maintaining good posture, typing in an ergonomically sound position, and taking breaks for the eyes and hands are all important.  To maintain required level of focus and concentration  in the data entry work and to prevent typing related injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, we undertake scientific methods of relaxations as per norms for our operators.

Data Corrections

We undertake data correction. Manual and automatic both methods are practiced as per requirement to provide accurate data to clients.

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